Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mini Review: The Battles of 3-D World Runner

At first glance The 3-D Battles of World Runner is a rip off of SEGA's Space Harrier that is because it is.
This wouldn't be the first time that Square made a game that bared a close resemblance to one of SEGA's arcade titles, they also made Rad Racer which bared a resemblance to Out Run.
3-D World Runner does contain some original ideas, most of the game is spent running past and dodging obstacles that get in your way, these can range from blob monsters to fires to bottomless pits.
After several minutes of running and jumping you get to the boss battle and at that point the game turns into a complete rip off of Space Harrier for starters the bosses look like the Dragons from Space Harrier and when fighting the boss 3-D Runner hovers in the air shooting fireballs at the boss until it is dead.
The game follows this cycle so it can feel repetitive after a while. 3-D World Runner looks easy but don't be fooled it is harder than it looks the game relies on reaction and timing.
Like Rad Racer the game features a 3-D mode that can be turned on and off by pressing the select button sadly it is the old type of 3-D that doesn't really work, with or without the glasses it is a bit of a mess.
The game is very pretty with colourful worlds and a cheery soundtrack. It has imagery similar to that of SEGA's Fantasy Zone with use of lots of light colours such as pink, green and sky blue.
In all The 3-D Battles of World Runner has enough originality to make it worth while, the game is fast paced and is not for the slow of hand.

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