Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve.

It's that time of year again.
What are the geart thing about being as gamer at christmas.
Well for starters you don't worry about the cost of those Q4 releases like Modern warfare 2, Zelda: Sprit Tracks, Borderlands Left 4 Dead 2 ect.
You also get the chance to play catch up with the many great titles you missed out on in the previous year.
There isn't much more to say about this time of year other than boxing day is equaly awesome because, one you get to try out the things you got for x-mas and two the shops have their clear out sales.
So merry christmas, happy hanukkah, happy holidays, happy whatever it is you celebrate.

Seeing how it is coming up to the end of the decade I am doing a list of the top 50 games to come out this decade on
Check it out, also check out my top 10 games of 2009.
The lists are currently being voted for by the public so if you want to see your favourite games on the list then vote.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Two reviews.

I am very sorry for the lack of posts I have been tring to make the most of my time off.
It's been a while but I have finally gotten back to reviewing games.
The two reviews can be read here:
Bart Vs The Space Mutants:

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers:

I'll be posting a lot of reviews now so come back everyday for updates.
Have a merry christmas.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Overly Happy.

I am in a really, really good mood at the moment and for a very good reason.
I just won this on ebay:

You have no idea how much I wanted those games.
I can't wait for them to come (which won't be for a while because they are being sent second class).

Not much else to talk about, cleaned up my room today everything is all neat and tidy and it my last week at school.
Christmas is fast approaching and I am kinda excited about it.
Dug through some of my old nintendo games today to find a bunch of posters which is cool I must admit.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Stressed out.

This week is gonna be a nightmare.
I've got a 5 hour long art & design mock exam tomorrow. But thats ok because I like A&D and I am already prepared for the exam.
It goes down hill here.
I have a 5 hour long fine art mock on wednesday, which isn't a good thing because I am at a loss of what I could do. I had a mock last spring but I was ok with that because I had a good idea of what to do, I did a stop motion film for that. But this time I am screwed. it all started when my Fine Art teacher left, I've got a new one now and she isn't very good. She keeps putting pressure on me to complete my unit work on cultures, at the same time she has taken away some of the freedom that you have when doing art. Everything is going bad in that class and no one is happy.
I'm not the only one who has a problem with the teacher.
I have decided that my best bet is to try and make a cartoon using the same method as when I did the stop motion. Just one problem, I'm not good at drawing quick and I am heavy handed, a recipe for disaster.
Enough about art because I am getting sick of thinking about it.
i've also got two 1 hour long maths mock exams on thursday and friday as well so I have a lot to go through.

Anyway got some more awesome games today thanks to the members on the retro gamer forum.
One of them was kind enough to give me castlevania: The next generation on megadrive for free when I did a trade with him.
I also got the new zealand story, fantasy zone, donkey kong classics, F-Zero and Bionic commando so it was a good hull.
Also beat super metroid for the first time yesterday, easily one of the best games ever made.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Super Shenmue Country.

Just a quick post because it is late.
Got Super Metroid today along with Shenmue and Donkey Kong Country (thanks dste).
Loving all 3 games, Super Metroid being the firm favourite.
Not much going on this weekend need to get to the post office to get some postal swaps sorted.
Had a tidy up before in my bed room. I unplugged the N64, Game Cube and PSOne. In their place I plugged in the Dreamcast.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Blog 3.

Not much to say today. Working my way through the retro gamer collection volume 3, great bookazine for someone like me who has only just started buying the magazine, should be done with it at the weekend, worth the tenner I paid for it last Saturday.

Now for some bad news it has been a week since Muramasa was released on the Wii and still haven't posted the copy I ordered on the 17 of November, not very happy about that need to send a complaint.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I got an A*!

While this post is more about me it is gaming released (honest).
Last spring I had a speaking assessment at school, the topic was to take something we hate, put it in room 101 and explain why we are putting it in there (anyone who has the seen the Room 101 show on BBC will get this straight away).
Most people choose serious topics like bullying, racism and war. Others choose things that didn't affect them like the footballer Joey Barton.
I on the other hand choose what was one of the best Subjects for this king of thing. Seagulls, we all hate seagulls don't we, the flying rats that they are, we hate it when they attack use, we hate in when they rip our bins open and we really hate it when they do their business on us.
Anyway I got an A for doing that which is a surprise because I had never gone above a C in English,it may be that I am a good talker. It's like my Mum says "You could speak for the country".

Anyway today we did the same thing again this time it was on any subject we wanted.
There were a few who spoke about their favourite football team, some spoke of their favourite bands/musicians and others talked about Ant & Dec for some reason (don't ask why because I have no idea why several people spoke about Ant & Dec).
anyway again I went for a slightly more unique topic, video games with the Disney licence.
In the speech I focused on the Disney games from the late eighties and early nighties. I spoke about 3 games in great detail.
The games were Duck Tales (NES/Game Boy), Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers (NES) and Quackshot (Mega Drive).
I did the speech without any sort of reference and made a lot of stuff up as I went along (but I know these games in and out so I don't need to read any reference).
To add to that I went to the trouble of taking the games to school with me so that I could use them for demonstrations and such.
At first I didn't think that I would top the seagull rant, there were times where I forgot what to say and I stuttered a few times (a trait taken from my father).
In the end I went to the teacher expecting a B and got an A*, isn't life great.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First Blog

This is my blog so I'll tell you a few things.
I'm currently in my last year of high school, I have benn gaming since 1998 and it is my biggest hobby.
My first video game was the brilliant super mario bros on the nes.
Since then I have gone on to own 20 consoles and over 400 different games.
I write for a gaming website called Europe-Nintendo but sadly the site hasn't seen the best of times recently so I hevn't been able to any work for the site.
I have an interest in film making, a while back I made some stop motion films you can watch them on my youtube:

Recently I have found myself with too many games so I have been trying to get rid of them either by selling them or trading them with other gamers.

Not much more for me to talk about, you can follow me on my twitter if you use the site:

Thats all for now.