Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I got an A*!

While this post is more about me it is gaming released (honest).
Last spring I had a speaking assessment at school, the topic was to take something we hate, put it in room 101 and explain why we are putting it in there (anyone who has the seen the Room 101 show on BBC will get this straight away).
Most people choose serious topics like bullying, racism and war. Others choose things that didn't affect them like the footballer Joey Barton.
I on the other hand choose what was one of the best Subjects for this king of thing. Seagulls, we all hate seagulls don't we, the flying rats that they are, we hate it when they attack use, we hate in when they rip our bins open and we really hate it when they do their business on us.
Anyway I got an A for doing that which is a surprise because I had never gone above a C in English,it may be that I am a good talker. It's like my Mum says "You could speak for the country".

Anyway today we did the same thing again this time it was on any subject we wanted.
There were a few who spoke about their favourite football team, some spoke of their favourite bands/musicians and others talked about Ant & Dec for some reason (don't ask why because I have no idea why several people spoke about Ant & Dec).
anyway again I went for a slightly more unique topic, video games with the Disney licence.
In the speech I focused on the Disney games from the late eighties and early nighties. I spoke about 3 games in great detail.
The games were Duck Tales (NES/Game Boy), Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers (NES) and Quackshot (Mega Drive).
I did the speech without any sort of reference and made a lot of stuff up as I went along (but I know these games in and out so I don't need to read any reference).
To add to that I went to the trouble of taking the games to school with me so that I could use them for demonstrations and such.
At first I didn't think that I would top the seagull rant, there were times where I forgot what to say and I stuttered a few times (a trait taken from my father).
In the end I went to the teacher expecting a B and got an A*, isn't life great.

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