Monday, 25 January 2010

Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Master System Review.

Most of you here have probably played Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis if you're American) and loved it growing up.
But did any of you know that there was a version of the game made for the Sega Master System. Yes that's right the game that was made to boost Sega's 16-bit console sales in the bit wars was on an 8-bit console.
So how does it do compared to its 16-bit counterpart?

Not much can be said for this game play wise it was made to be just like the 16-bit version, the games controls are the same as the 16-bit game as well.
All I can do is point out what is different about this version.
This version of Sonic the Hedgehog does feature some game mechanics that are different to that of the 16-bit version.
For starters the level design and zones are different, the only zone in this game that is in the Mega Drive version is the Green Hill Zone.
The game has 6 zones in total, each zone made up of 3 acts. The 3rd act is always a boss battle, sadly though the 3rd zone never has any rings in so it is a test of skill.
The last big differences are:
The world map that pops up each time you start a stage.
The bonus stages.
And the chaos emeralds, in this game the emeralds are not found in the bonus stages, instead they are hidden in the main stages, the other problem with the chaos emeralds is that there are only 6 of them in the entire game. Besides the chaos emerald aren't important in this game, it isn't like in the 16-bit version where you get a secret ending if you manage to collect them all, no all it does is give you extra points when you complete the game.

Graphics and sound
I'll be fair to the graphics are very good for what they are, this game is a good port.
The music in this game is good but no where near as memorable as the music in the Mega Drive version.

I'll be honest, it's no where near as good as the Mega Drive version but that is to be expected. Still it's a very good master system game.
If you want this you can buy it on wii shop for 500 points.

+It tries to look like the original and succeeds
+It plays just like the original
+One of the best games on the master system

-Not as good as Mega Drive Version
-You can out run the screen and skip the stage


quick note: I recently found out that this was the last master system game released in North America, in europe the last master system game was released in 1995 (or so I have been told).

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