Monday, 11 January 2010

They rest of the games.

I said I'd get around to the Xbox 360 games so here we go.

Resident Evil 5
I played the demo for this game when it was released last year and I hated it, I couldn't stand the way that Capcom had messed with the controlls and the step back that had been taken back after Resident Evil 4. Two steps forward, one step back (we stick together cos opposites attract, I'm sorry about that awful joke).
Playing it again I had my feet on the ground, there was no hype and I wasn't expecting it to blow me away. After over comming huge disappointment I dug deeper into the game to find a enjoyable action game, it's got nothing on Resident Evil 4 but on its own it is still a good game.
You can get it for a tenner at most places.

Prince Of Persia
I remember played the trilogy years ago and enjoying it even through the games were getting weaker as they went on. Thankfully this game takes a step in the right direction and the franchise is now back in top form.
The game isn't very long and there is next to no replay value but for a fiver it was a brilliant purchase, even at a tenner it is still a brill game.

The King Of Fighters XII
I've been playing King of fighters for a number of years now and this is a decent update to the popular fighting series by SNK, the gameplay is better than ever making this one of the best fighters around for gameplay. The ghame is let down by a huge problem though, there is next to no content in the game, you have the arcade mode, vs, online and thats it, no survival, time attack or anything like that. To make matters worse there are very few characters, KOF games are famous for their huge character roster but this game has the smallest in KOF history.
You can buy it but you won't get much for your money.

I have got a tonne of other 360 games but I haven't played them yet so they don't get a mention sadly.

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