Tuesday, 19 January 2010

This is Jim Sterling's article on Destructoid and I'm going to argue against it. Pt.2

Part 2.

Fanboys and fundies like to believe that sane, rational people are just as obsessed with consoles or religions as they are. Truth is, we don't really care and are just calling it how we see it, but the arrogance of fandamentalists is such that they want to make everything about them. Anything you write is just an excuse to "bash" them and their precious beliefs. Never mind the fact that they act like bullies themselves -- everybody is biased and has a personal vendetta against them and the corporation that they are in love with.

Depends if you are to go as far as clearly state that you think that such and such a console is the worse then you should expect some backlash from people who do not agree with you.
Just becuse you are "calling it how we see it" doesn't mean you are right, there are times where I have disagreed with people who called it as they saw it or called it as they thought everyone else saw it.
These people aren't bullies they are just idiots.
What doesn't help your opinion is that many times in the past I have seen cases where the said fandamentalists have been singled out and have been bullied, their reaction is to be expected and when that happens no one is the better man.

Be it gay marriage or abortion, fundamentalists love to impose their will on others who may not necessarily believe the same things they do. If THEY don't approve of gay marriage, then they'll do their best to make sure NOBODY can practice it. Again, it comes down to terror -- a fear that somebody who is not them will get their own way, and that if they do, it will somehow threaten their own sense of validity and security.

So you are saying that fanboys use terror to stop other people playing on other consoles.
They can't physically scare me or force me into selling my wii and 360 in order to get a PS3 now can they.

Review scores tend to be the gay marriage of fanboys. My favorite example, of course, is the Killzone 2 debacle, where anybody who dared give the game less than a 9 was thoroughly eviscerated by those who felt the game deserved better and therefore stomped down on anybody who disagreed. Despite the fact that they're not the only people in the world, these fandamentalists want everybody to bow down to them and how they think things should be run.

The same rule applied to anyone who dared give Sonic and the black knight more than a 7 but I happily gave it an 8.

You can rape a kid, but if you're wearing a big red hat, you'll get forgiven. That's what I've come to learn. I've also come to learn that you can release a billion firmware upgrades for the PSP and that's perfectly acceptable. Both fanboys and religious extremists have demonstrated that their respective leaders and say or do anything, no matter how stupid, and they will still command the loyalty of hundreds, who are more than prepared to justify, validate or otherwise absolve the leaders in question.

There is a clear difference between raping a child and bricking a console, one does no harm.

Just as many organised religions work to eradicate people who think for themselves and dare to question the sense of their actions, so too does fandamentalism turn its victims into mindless drones who impulsively defend any and all decisions their chosen company makes. It's amazing how some of these fanboys will defend the indefensible. From Red Rings to poor network infrastructures, there is always some excuse that threatens to break the laws of logic. Truly a religious experience.

I'd have to be a retard to have someone completely change my opinion on a subject that I am well informed in.
As said above there is a difference between hurting someone and bricking a console.

Just like most "mainstream" religions laugh at Scientology even though its backstory is just as insane as any other religion's origin, so too do fanboys have a contempt for other fanboys. PS3 loyalists think Xbox loyalists are ridiculous, and vice versa. They sidestep talk of their own ludicrous behaviour in order to poo on someone else who, to be honest, is acting the exact same way that they are.

There is evidence that support's the existence of Christ, there isn't much much evidence to support what a scientologist believes (yes we all saw that south park episode).
Again going back to sports teams, fans of one team can at times think that fans of another team are ridiculous, and vice versa.
"They sidestep talk of their own ludicrous behaviour in order to poo on someone else who, to be honest, is acting the exact same way that they are."

Perhaps it's an advanced form of self-loathing, where they know deep down how stupid they're being, so they find a near-perfect replica and call that stupid instead. In any case, many religions actively hate or distrust each other in the same way that various denominations of console fandamentalists hate or distrust each other. Can't we all just get along?

No. No we can't.

And here, I think, we come to the most important and salient point. Fact is, if you want to like your PS3 better than any other console, that's fine. If you want to believe in God, that's fine as well. It's an old cliché to say it, but if you don't bother anybody else with your business, then go do whatever you want. However, it's the extremists that make the rest of the crowd look bad. Christian fundamentalists make regular, nice Christians look like censorship-hungry, sixteen-kid-having hypocrites. Muslim fundamentalists make regular, decent Muslims look like terrorists who enjoy living in countries that they claim to despise.

I find that statement wrong and offensive and only because I know people who are very dedicated to their religion yet act nothing like the way which you just described them.
The I again I suppose those type of people don't exist across the pond.

Similarly, PS3 fanboys make all PS3 fans look like whining, crying teenagers who sign petitions over multiplatform games. Xbox 360 fanboys make regular 360 lovers look like Halo-obsessed frat boys who regularly bend over to accept a royal shafting from Microsoft. Both religious extremists and the newly crowned fandamentalists tar everything with the same brush.

You don't even have to be a fanboy to act like that, why are you needlessly criticizingpeople for being frat boys ect? If they think that Halo is the best gmew in the world then thats fine let them think that.

And that's why it's important to label them like cattle. Fandamentalists are what they are, and fandamentalists are what they'll remain. It also sounds pretty cool, don't you think?

People change, believe me they change, especially when they are in the age group that you have described.

Continued in part 3 (maybe).

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