Monday, 25 January 2010

Star Fox Adventures Game Cube Review

StarFox adventures is the sequel to Lylat Wars (also known was Star Fox64) and takes place eight years after the war against Andross.
In those eight years many things have changed for the team due to the Lylat System being at peace, jobs for fighter pilots and mercenaries have become hard to come by, sad to say the Star Fox team has suffered, boredom struck causing Falco to leave Star Fox and Slippy to quit piloting and work in weapon development, Peppy has also retired from piloting due to old age.
Fox and co do what ever they can to get by so they were happy when General Pepper gave them an offer for a high paying job.
Dinosaur Planet a planet located on the edge of the lylat system has for some reason come apart and it is up to Fox to put the planet back together.

The game starts you playing as Krystal the sole survivor of an ill fated planet called Cerinia, this part of the game acts as a tutorial.
You destroy a battle ship and meet the games leading villain (Sort of) General Scales and then fly off to a place called Krazoa Palace where you meet some dying dinosaurs who tell you to find the Krazoa sprits and return them to the palace.
To get to the sprit you have to step on these panels that teleport you to an area where you must solve puzzles and get past many different kinds of dangers to get to the sprit.
There are six Krazoa sprits in the game so get use to doing this.
After getting and releasing the first sprit you end your play as Krystal, it's now Fox's turn to shine.
So after a long cut scene explaining the games plot you play as Fox in a way that can only be labelled as nostalgic.
Your in the Arwing flying through space shooting things the idea is to collect gold rings, its just like Lylat wars you can do a barrel roll, you can boost and you can break the only thing that you can't do is loop.
These flying sections are brief but extremely satisfying.
So after flying through space you land on Dinosaur planet for the first time you are told they you couldn't bring any weapons with you so you will have to find one. So you can now walk around and explore, eventually you will find the staff that Krystal dropped at the start of the game now you will learn combat by fighting the games main enemy, they are called the SharpClaw a mutant race of dinosaurs.
The staff you have is used to do nearly everything in the game you use it to fight, you use it to activate switches, use it to shoot things, use it to solve puzzles, use it to open passages ect ect, as you go through the game you will discover upgrades for the staff that gives it new abilities, you have a magic gauge this is the "power bar" for your staff, it depletes when you use the staffs magic.
After a while you will most likely say to your self "I've played this before".
I will not deny it this game is a lot like Zelda.
The combat is like that of Zelda as well, but that isn't a bad thing now is it.
In the game you obtain several items that you can use to help you do things like blow up walls, light up dark areas, make vines for you to climb and so on, you also have key items that can only be used in the right place, you scroll through the items using the C-Stick, you can also scroll through your staff powers and commands for Tricky with the C-Stick.
In the game you befriend a dinosaur called Tricky who becomes your sidekick.
Just like the staff you need Tricky for almost everything you need him to solve puzzles, make new path ways and find buried items, this doesn't come for free you need to feed Tricky so he will have the energy to help, he eats these blue mushrooms that you find scattered almost every where.
The game has you spend a lot of time going through various ruins,temples,caves ect looking for the spell stones, the spell stones must be returned to the force point temples so the planet can be used to put the planet back together.
The game has some other supporting characters that help you:
Peppy: He provides you with a map of dinosaur planet and tells you where to go next.
Slippy: He provides you with clues on how to get past bits that you may be stuck on.
General Pepper: He shows you your quest stats.
Warp Stone: A giant stone person who teleports you to different places.
Shopkeeper: This greedy lizard sells you items that you can use on your quests, he also sells maps, the games currency is scarabs, small insects that you can find under rocks.
Dinosaurs: These guys you can talk to some can be helpful, there are several dinosaur tribes.
Gatekeepers: These dinosaurs help you by opening gates to the parts of the planet that have broken off so you can fly to them in your arwing.
The games control is good it's responsive the only time when the control is a problem is when you are using the blaster on your staff the aiming is horribly over sensitive.

Graphics and sound
Both are great the graphics are detailed and realistic the arwing looks nice and dirty, Fox looks furry and the dinosaurs look as dinosaurs should. The environment looks nice too.
To go with the great looking environment is some great sounding music to fit the mood. Some of the music (mainly the arwing parts) comes from Lylat wars.
Like with most RARE games the voice acting is ...well different from most games, I'm sure RARE just have their staff do the voice acting.

StarFox Adventures was never a Starfox game to begin with, it started out as a N64 game that RARE was making called Dinosaur Planet but due to the death of the N64 the game was scrapped and turned into Starfox.

Its a great game and the only Nintendo published alternitive to Zelda that I can think of.

+Arwing sections are nostalgic.
+Graphics are great for the time.
+A nice change.
+Good alternative to Zelda.

-Krazoa Sprit tests can be frustrating.
-Staff Blaster aiming is horrible.
-We want more arwing


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