Monday, 8 February 2010

Bart Vs The Space Mutants NES Review.

Can you belive that is has now been 20 years since the first episode of The Simpsons aired?
The Simpsons is one of, if not the best know TV show on the planet.
In 1990 Acclaim released Bart Vs The Space Mutants on NES, Master System and Game Gear.
I've owned the game gear version and I can tell you now that it is the best of all three 8-bit versions.
But that isn't saying much!

Single Player
The game is based on the first season of the simpsons so don't expect any references to well know episodes. The story is about some aliens who are plotting to take over the world with a super weapon.
The super weapon can only be powered by certain things though. This weapon needs purple things to power it.
So you play as Bart Simpson going around getting rid of anything purple.
To quote the games box:
"Hello, fellow humans!
Bartholomew J.Simpson here, with a very important secret: SPACE MUTANTS ARE INVADING SPRINGFIELD!"
Now if you know this why are you keeping it a secret seriously.
In fact according to the box:
"Only Bart can see the space mutants with his X-ray glasses."
Then why do you give the glasses to someone else so that they will believe you, idiot.
One thing that does make me laugh is this last paragraph:
"So if you're a decent person a patriot, and somebody who cares about this sorry planet, you'll do the right thing. Save the Earth! BUY THIS GAME!
Thanks man."

It sucks, there isn't anything else I can say about it, it just sucks.
The game is a standard platformer you go from left to right getting past enemies, should be too hard but there are two problems.
One, the enemies are invincible, you can not kill them.
Two the controls are broken.
These two problems alone kill the game.
One thing that I hate about this game are the controls, get this you press the A button to jump and you hold down the A button to run, this makes jumping over things really awkward, its almost impossible to do, which is a problem when you are trying to jump over the invincible enemies.
The movement controls don't help either, the control is terrible.
I'll be honest I can't get past the first stage of the game,you get 3 lives with no check points or continues. For these reasons I cannot ever see myself completing this game.
If you do complete this game you should get a medal, you should then be sent to a mental asylum for putting yourself though it.
The game has near to no lifespan at all, if you are good enough to get past the first level chances are you won't be playing for much longer as the game is said to get harder as it goes on.
Each stage has you go after things that power the aliens machine so you cannot complete a stage unless you get rid of near to every item.
To add to that some of the methods for getting rid of the tiems are ridiculous, you wouldn't think to buy a wrench to turn on the fire hydrant so that you could wash away wet paint.
The B button is used to spray paint over the objects in the first stage but after that there won't be much use for it.

Graphics and Sound
For NES I wouldn't call the graphics bad, but they are not very good either, the best looking thin in the game i Bart and even then he is oddly drawn, his nose disappears whenever he faces the screen.
Everything else in the game, namely the aliens and the people look bland and uninspired. The best looking thin in the game is the back grounds.
The sound is terrible, the music is just the simpsons theme looped over and over throughout the entire game, even the sega version had different music for each stage.


This was the first of many simpsons games but I'd say that this was by far one of the worst.

+ It's the Simpsons
+ Good for nostalga

- It has a rubbish looping sound track.
- Crippled controls
- overall terrible gameplay
- no continues


NOTE: Not one of my favourite reviews but I couldn't stand this game and felt like giving a game a negative review because I'll be honest I haven't done that much.

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