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Naruto Clash Of Ninja Revolution Nintendo Wii Review


Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution is a 3-D fighting game featuring characters from the Naruto Anime/Manga.
The game modes include Single player which features normal mode, time attack mode and survival, multiplayer mode, mission mode which acts as the games story mode and mini games.

Single Player

On to the single player. As I said before, single player has 3 modes to play. You have the normal mode, which is just a dozen stages you have to complete. Sadly, it's made pointless by the fact that you lose all of your points if you lose, meaning that you would be better of just playing survival.

Time attack is the same as normal but you are marked on how quick you get through the 12 stages instead of being ranked by how many points you earn.

The mission mode acts as the games story mode.
The story starts the chuin exam saga when everyone is training for the 4th round; the 1st mission is just a tutorial where you are taught how to fight.
The mission mode has chapters, and in each chapter you fight a different character, as well as given a task.
If you do what you are told to do you succeed and get to go on to the next chapter, but if you beat the opponent without doing the task or if you lose to the opponent, you fail and have to try again.
The tasks range from simple stuff like beating an enemy while low on health to slightly harder stuff like beating an enemy with a certain move.

The cut scenes in the mission mode are quite simple. The character sprites appear on screen and start talking. The characters are voiced by the cast of the Naruto dub.


The mission mode should take about an hour to do. When you finish the mission mode you will probably be disappointed by how easy it was, but luckily you unlock the choice to play it on a higher difficulty by completing it.

On to the fighting itself. The game play is simple at first, but it can become quite advanced if you are using different combos or are playing the game on a high difficulty.

The game has many different types of attacks.

Taijutsu (Physical attacks) - This is the main type of attack, and it is done by shaking the Wii Remote. If you keep shaking you can do a combo attack. Take note those attacks can only be done if you hit the enemy. Like most 3-D fighting games, the control stick affects what attacks are used.

Ninjitsu (Special attacks)/weapons- These types of attacks are done with the "A" button. Ninjitsu are the special attacks that can be done by the games characters. Each character has their own attacks that can be done using the "A" button and the analogue stick. The special attacks can only be done if you have enough chakra in the chakra gauge at the bottom corner of the screen.
The other use of the "A" button is throwing weapons. Throwing weapons are weak and are only good for slowing your opponent down or hitting them when they are in the air.

Finishing moves/transformations- The finishing moves/transformations are done by pressing the D-pad right. When the chakra gauge is full, your character will attempt to do a finisher on the enemy. When the control stick is held down when you press the D-pad, this can cause the character to change form or use a different finisher. When you use the finishing move, you're shown a few Wii Remote movements to do. If you do them correctly, the power of your moves will increase.

Recently I have started using the Nintendo Gamecube controller and Nintendo Classic controller and I must admit that the game really benifits from this feature.

When fighting you can take advantage of the hazards on the stage, if you hit your opponent hard enough you can knock them off the stage triggering a small cut scene, in the cut scene you can hit the enemy while in midair by shaking the wiimote dealing extra damage.

The game also has a mini game mode where you can play mini games you have unlocked such as shuriken throw, where you have to throw shrunken at wooden boards that have Naruto and other characters on them.

Graphics and Sound

The game uses standard cel-shaded graphics, which is nothing special. Characters and objects are all colour, but there are no shadow effects. The shadows are pixelated, sadly.
The games Music is pretty much remixes of the rubbish music in the anime, being honest this version is quite good.

+ Decent cell-shaded graphics.
+ Solid fighting game play.
+ The music is a nice touch.

- Far too short.
- Battles can get repetitive.
- Motion for finishers is bad.

Good game ruined by its lifespan. If more effort had gone into mission mode, this would have been longer and better.

NOTE: This was my first written review from 2 years ago, it's not very good.

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