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Madworld Nintendo Wii Review

MadWorld is the first game from new developer Platinum games, made up of former members of Capcom's now shut down Clover Studio (responsible for the classic 'Okami').

Single Player
MadWorlds Story revolves around a terrorist plot and a sport known as the Death Watch games. You play as the games main protagonist Jack Cayman a contestant in the Death Watch games who has a prosthetic chainsaw arm. The game is what I call a revival for the beat em up genre, in fact the game reminds of No More Heroes because of the plot, you are fighting people know as KillSeekers so that you will be crowned as the number one killer. The game only has two modes, single player and multiplayer.

The multiplayer mode works like this, you and your opponent are up against each other to see who can get the most points in a BloodBath challenge, that's it, no battle mode just BloodBath challenges.

At first the games button layout is confusing for example you press Z to jump, but after a while you will adapt to the set up.
The game is a beat em up, you only have one aim and that is to kill anything that moves.
Here's how you attack, by pressing the A button you punch, if you continue to press A then you will perform a punch combo, you can beat the enemy to death if you want but it won't earn you many points, if you hold the control stick up then you will do a more powerful punch, this is good if you want to stun foes. When you are near a KillSeeker you can press and hold A to grab them, once you have done that feel free to do what you want with them, be warned the enemy can fight back but there is a way around that, when holding a enemy you can head butt them by shaking the nunchuk, head butting an enemy can stun them. To throw them shake the wiimote.
On to the chainsaw, if you hold down the B button Jack will release his chainsaw, the chainsaw is powered by fuel, the fuel meter is located below the health bar and the gauge will go down if you are using the chainsaw, to the refill the gauge just stop using the chainsaw.
To attack with the chainsaw swing the wiimote, Jack will swing vertically or horizontally depending on which way you swing the wiimote.

In MadWorld you are scored on your kill's, if you want to can just beat up and cut through all of the KillSeekers but you won't each many points doing so, the idea is to be creative with your kill's.
For example throwing a KillSeeker into a spike will earn you a fairly high amount of points but if you want even more points you need to make sure that the person you kill suffers as much as possible, so to get a high score you should throw an object over the KillSeeker (tires, barrels, anything that will trap them), then impale them with something (Stick a lamppost through their head) and then carry them to the hazard instead of throwing them into it because you will gain more points shoving a guy into a spike than you would if you were to throw them.
Try and use the environment to your advantage and be creative with your kills because it will give you more points. When you have beaten your foe to a pulp you can do special finisher moves, you have two different types of finishers, the A button finisher where you throw the enemy around and the B button finishers which are just plain awesome, these finishers have you do things such as back breaking, beheading and heart removal. In the game there are certain levels where you are on a bike, these levels remind me of that bike mini game in Final Fantasy 7 except this actually works.

In each stage you will unlock bonuses such as happy pills (Pills that give you health), weapons (bats, knifes ect) and balloons (1up's). Another big bonus is the BloodBath challenge, these are bonus games that you find in the stages and they are made so that you can gain more points. These bonus games are really fun and addictive and most of them are based off sports like darts and golf. These games are both silly and fun and you gain a hell of a lot of points doing them. When you have gained enough points you unlock the boss battle, this is self explanatory, you go up against the boss you fight the boss, you kill the boss next stage. The boss fights like the bloodbath challenges are very creative and amusing.
The best thing about the boss fights are the action sequences, here you have to do several wiimote movements, get them right and you will damage the boss greatly, you also get these sequences when you defeat the boss, the boss deaths are some of the funniest deaths I have ever seen in a video game. There are two faults with MadWorld, the first is the length, the game is fairly short and you will have it done in around 5 hours. The second problem is that some may find the game to be repetitive.

Graphics and Sound
Ever seen or read Sin City, well MadWorld looks just like that. MadWorld is black, white and red all over.
The games music is mostly rap so it won't win metal heads over.

Even if you are not a fan of gore MadWorld is still great fun, if you are a fan of Beat em ups or Viewtiful Joe don't be afraid to pick this up.

+ Great Humour
+ Best Beat em up in years
+ BloodBath Challenges are genius
+ Boss battles are well thought out.

- Very short
- Can get repetitive


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