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No More Heroes Nintendo Wii Review

Back in 2008 gaming had once again come under controversy, news papers and politicians alike were going crazy thanks to Manhunt 2.
In the end action was taken Manhunt 2 was banned and it looked like violent games were about to come under fire like they did in Germany and Australia, fearing the worse developers did what they could to make sure that their games would not under underfire.
Enter no more heroes a game that was so gory and so over the top that the developers decided to censer it in Europe and Asia.
Who would have ever thought that to be a good thing.

Single Player
The game has you take the role of big time loser Travis Touchdown who is on a quest to become the worlds greatest assassin after killing a drifter.
The drifter turned out to be a highly trained assassin, one of the best in the world, he was so good that he was ranked 11th.
Now taking the rank of 11th Travis has to kill his way to number 1, but it won't be easy he will need, skill, wits and a hell of a lot of money.

No more heroes is a sandbox hack 'n' slash action adventure game.
The sandbox section involves roaming around the fictional town of Santa Destroy, like all modern sandbox games you can walk or drive around the area going from place to place doing tasks. Just like other sandbox games Santa Destroy is full of huge landmarks such as Destroy Stratum.
The sandbox makes up only a small part of the games and being honest there really isn't much freedom or a lot to do, Santa Destroy can feel a bit empty at times, there are people in Santa destroy but not that many. You can also enter buildings, there are shops like AREA 51 and Beefhead Video, services like the job centre and gym, and some random ares where you do challenges like time attacks.
On to adventure, sandbox games are also regarded as adventure games in some respect but to me the adventure aspect are the stages them selves. The stages in no more heroes are fairly big, for example the first stage has you running around a mansion killing people so that you can find the exit. There is a lot to see in the levels.
Now on to the action and hack and slash this is the games main focus, you just go around killing everyone that stands in your way, as classic as it gets.
You play the game using the wiimote and nunchuck, the controls are spread out across them.
When roaming around freely you can use the A button to dig and the B button to run faster, but be warned you need batteries to do so.
When driving you hold the A button to accelerate and the B to break, if you break and swing the wiimote you can do drifts which is good because you can turn without slowing down. If you hold down the Z button you can use turbo but like running it drains your batteries power.
On last thing, if you shake the wiimote while driving you can do a jump.
The bike jump seems like a waste of time really because while it is really cool you can't jump over this with it, trust me I've tried, even if you are mile over something you will still hit a wall and crash, there are only two parts in the entire game where the bike jump comes in handy.
On to the normal gameplay controls, just like any hack and slash game you can get past a hoard of enemies just by mashing the attack button over and over again, while this may seem redundant and repetitive (like most modern hack and slash games) this is quite fun , the combat has some complexity to it.
The B button will let you punch and kick your enemies, doing a fully charged punch or kick will daze your enemies, when dazed you can either cut them to ribbons or grab the and preform a wrestling move on them, the wrestling moves are the most powerful attacks in the game, no joke, learn to make use of them, you preform the moves buy going a series of timed wiimote actions.
Seeing how you are fighting huge groups of foes at once you will need a way to defend your self, you do this by locking on to an enemy. Once locked-on you will automatically block any attacks the enemy uses on you and I mean attacks from all enemies not just the one you are locked-on to.
As the game goes on you can gain new ability's and power ups that help you though out the game, make sure you get as many as possible because chances are you won't be able to get through the entire game without beefing up first.
While I did say that the stages are great for exploring they can also end up being linear, a lot of the time you have to take a set path, there are times where you get to got to extra areas and get items but that's about it.
Now on to the boss battles, these are what the game is all about, there are 10 bosses in the game who you have to defeat, each boss battle is different so they never feel the same or dull.
The bosses themselves are all very memorable, fighting a big muscled guy in a super hero costume who shouts "Destroy Busta!" while firing laser beams at you is just awesome.
The bosses are no push overs either to beat them you will have to do it the old fashioned way, find the pattern and expose their weakness.
In all no more heroes is an enjoyable experience with some fun mini games and very memorable moments. A huge part of the games appeal is the humour everything is so well written and funny, it will have to in stitches.
No more heroes is a classic hack 'n' slash game it should take around half a day to complete the first time but if you want more there is also the higher difficulty you unlock when you have completed it.

Graphics and Sound
Graphically No More heroes is good but it isn't much of an improvement over Killer 7 (A game made by the same people). Visually though No More Heroes is great, the game just oozes with style, remember what I said about the censering of no more heroes while here is what what happened, in the American Version the enemies bleed when you kill them, actually bleed would be an understatement they explode into a fountain of blood, in the other versions of no more heroes the enemies explode into piles of ash and coins which is cool because the ash makes it look more artistic and the coins make it like older games such as street gangs where the enemies would drop coins when you killed them.
As for the sound the game does have a good sound track even though most of the levels share the same music, the music is catchy and it does suit the game well, the driving music for example is just perfect.

In all No more Heroes is a very enjoyable and humours game that can be played over and over.

+ Good, deep, complex fighting
+ Lots of style
+ Great Humour
+ Awesome cast of characters
+ Lots of extra content.

- Santa destroy is empty
- Some of the mini games are weak


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