Monday, 8 February 2010

Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers NES review

With films like Alvin and the chipmunks 2 being released in cinemas is it any wonder that people hate chipmunks these day.
But what about 20 years ago, back then chipmunks were cool, we had the Alvin and the chipmunks cartoon (awesome) and Disney's Chip 'N Dale Rescue rangers (double awesome).

Single Player

This game like Duck Tales was developed by Capcom and shared many similarities with the cartoon it was based on and Capcom's MegaMan games.
The single player mode allows you too play as either Chip or Dale who are on a quest to rescue their friend gadget and defeat the evil Fat Cat once and for all.

The best thing about the game is its brilliant co-op multiplayer, alone this game is good but with a friend it is brilliant.


The game itself is a mix of Megaman and Super Mario 2.
The game has similar gameplay and physics to MegaMan but it also takes ideas from mario two like how you kill enemies by throwing things at them.
Control wise they are the same as Super Mario 2 only difference is that pressing down and jumping lets you jump down platforms instead of doing a super jump.
In the game you have three types of items that you can pick up and use.
The first are the boxes, you can throw these at enemies and you can hide in them by pressing down, they do not affect your speed.
The second item is the Tomato's, likes the boxes you can pick them up and throw them at enemies, unlike the boxes the Tomato's are much bigger and slow you down when you carry them.
The last item are the bombs, these things can explode but they are more powerful than the other throwing weapons.
There are also items and power ups that you can find along the way.
There is the acorn that recovers your health, the P bottle that seems to do nothing at all, the stars, collect so many and a one up appears. There are also big boxes that contain special items, it can range from a bee that gives you invincibility and kills all enemies in sight or cheese that makes one of the rescue rangers appear and destroy fences and walls blocking your way.
The enemies themselves are easy to kill and they all go down with one hit, there are variations, like the mechanical dogs that are are the games box art and some bears that shoot snoot from a gun.
In the game you get a map screen so you get to choose what levels you do, thanks to this the game can be fairly long (for nes), or really short.
At the end of each stage you fight a boss, after you beat the boss you get a bonus stage. A quick tip for the bonus stage, ignore all other boxes and go for the top middle one as they always contain a 1 up.
The game itself isn't very hard, but it does provide some challenge.
In terms of lifespan the game isn't long but it has some replay value so you can go back to it any day.
Alone or with friends the game is great fun.


With it being Capcom the graphic are good for NES and they look just like the MegaMan games.
The music is great too, another thing this shares with duck tales.

If you own an nes and are looking for some sweet co-op action get this.

+ Great 8-bit graphics
+ Nice 8 bit tunes
+ Good blend of balanced gameplay
+ It's like MegaMan

- Fairly easy
- fairly short


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