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Warioware Smooth Moves Nintendo Wii Review

Once again I am looking at early 2007, the Nintendo wii has not long been out and gamers are anticipating the release of the PS3 (or at least they were until they found out the price).
Looking to make a good first impression Nintendo continued to rapidly release titles for the wii. 2007 was set to be release year for big titles such as Excite Truck, Mario Strikers (the first wii game to have online play), Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Which only just got the December 2007 release in Japan), Metroid Prime 3, Super Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy.
In comes Warioware Smooth Moves, a game that was made to show people what they could do with the wiimote (in all fairness we already had that with wii play but this is way better).

Single Player
The single player mode is the same as every other warioware game, your goal to to complete all the stages by playing micro games.
As always Wario's trademark humour is present.
The game follows this plot. One day Wario was minding his own business sitting on his ass at home eating sweets when this little what ever the hell it is comes and runs off with it, after that everything is just random.

The games multiplayer is a disappointment to say the least, it is fun and a good laugh when you have friends around but it is ruined by one big problem, you have to play with one wiimote, now I'll give them credit they knew this and based some of the multiplayer games around it but being honest when I think of multiplayer the first thing I think of is the option to play with more than one controller, having to take off the strap and changed the controller between mini games is insane and you never get enough time to prepare for the next game because of it.

Just like in previous games you find your self playing five second long micro games, that's it there isn't much more that can be said the games are choose at random but often follow a theme, for example on Wario's levels all of the games are Wario related, in 9-volts level all of the micro games are Nintendo related.
As the game goes on you are shown different ways to play the mini games, these techniques (known as forms) vary on the micro games, the forms range from simple stuff like the controller (a form where you have to point the wiimote at the screen), to sillier stuff like the elephant (a form where you have to but the wiimote over your nose as if it were a trunk).
As always Warioware is a fun game that will always make you smile and laugh.
Now onto one fault that did bother me when playing the game. Some times when playing the micro games the control doesn't work, this is normally due to the limitations of the wiimote, it doesn't always detect the movement correctly with is a pain because you often end up being forced to play one of the mini games that doesn't work as well as it should.
At the end of the day warioware is one of those games that you really need imagination to play, if you look at it as pointing/waving/waggling the wiimote then you are not going to enjoy it as much so you really need to be in the right mode to play it, act as if you are running, act as you would if you did the ingame tasks, that's the key to the games success.
In all Warioware Smooth Moves is worth playing, buying it on the other hand is an entirely different question, the game only takes two hours to complete so you really need to be the type of person who can always go back to a game.

This one speaks for its self.
Graphics and Sound
I'm not quite sure what to think of warioware games, they do look nice but the games are so varied that you are never quite sure what to think of the visual's, most people who be bewildered by the strangeness. But looking past that Warioware is a genially pretty game.
Just like all of the other warioware games smooth moves has an incredibly catchy soundtrack that will stick in your head.

It always has been a good show case for the wiimote's potential. I'm still waiting for something like the starwing mini game, that would be ace.

+ Pretty Visuals
+ Same great gameplay
+ Catchy tunes
+ Great sence of humour
+ Shows off the wiimotes potential.

- Multiplayer is lacking
- wiimote doesn't always work
- Very, very short.


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