Monday, 8 February 2010

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Directors Cut Nintendo DS review

This game is the best point and click adventure that I have ever come across, it's better than Ace Attorney, it's better than Sam & Max and it's better than Zack & Wiki.
Broken sword: Shadow of the Templar's Directors cut is a remake of the cult 1996 PC point and click classic. This game has everything (well almost everything) murder, terrorism, clowns and medieval cults all in one exciting point and click adventure.


So the game starts off in Paris and you take the role of Nicole Collard a French reporter who has been asked to meet up with an old friend of her father. Sadly all is not well as the person she is meant to meet is shot dead by a mime off all people!
This bit wasn't in the original version of Shadow of the Templars which came out in 1996, this is a new chapter that has been added for the DS version (You never played as Nicole in the original).
Now off to the main story. Meet George Stobbart an American man who is touring Europe, he is currently staying in Paris, unaware of what awaits him...
On to the actual gameplay now, what can I say it's a point and click (Or seeing how this is DS point and tap) you use the stylus to do everything in this game no control input needed, you tap where you want to walk to, you tap a person when you want to talk to them, you tap the objects that you want to look at, it is just like using a mouse.
Throughout the game you will need to do tasks such as combining items, playing with your surroundings, talking to people and solving puzzles ect.
These puzzles are both fun and creative, if the puzzles are too difficult or if you are stuck on a certain spot then you can tap on a question mark that appears on the top right side of the screen, doing this will show you several clues and hints on where to go next, what you need to do and how to solve a puzzle.
The game has you travel to different parts of Europe such as France, Spain and Ireland. In the game there are many different people to talk to, all of which are full of character. The game also has some good humour that has aged really well.

Graphics and sound
The graphics in Broken Sword are based on the style of classic animated films (Think early Disney) and these graphics just like the game they have aged really well, also the animated cut scenes are still enjoyable even without the lack of voice acting.
The sound is just as good now as it was all those years ago; my only criticism is that this version doesn't have the voice acting that was in the original game.
Oh and one more thing the games updated artwork was done by the guy who did the artwork for the Watchmen.


This is still a masterpiece today, it's funny, it's creative, it's exciting, it's everything you'd want from this type of game and it should appeal to both sides of the "gaming void" (AKA the casual/hardcore rubbish).

+Great story
+Great cutscenes
+Gameplay has aged really well.

-Feels a little short
-No voice acting


NOTE: My only DS review, I loved this game I really did, the review is short but I proof read it alot because at the time the site I wrote these reviews for wanted to make the editor. I have the sequel but I'm not having much luck getting it to run on my Windows 7 computer.

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