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Klona Nintendo Wii Review

It has been years since the last game in the Klonoa series was released, so how does this remake of the first Klonoa game (Klonoa: Door to Phantomile on PS1) fair?
Here is a brief on the games plot: The games two heroes Klonoa and Hewpoe one day witness a crash near their home, the crash is on top of a mountain called Bell Hill, they decided to climb the mountain and investigate unaware of the evils that lurk ahead.

Klonoa plays just like all of the previous games it's a 2.5D platformer.
The Klonoa games are best known for the method used to kill enemies, to kill enemies you have to inflate them into a ball and throw them, inflated enemies can also be used to perform a double jump. To inflate an enemy you press the attack button (Buttons vary on which control method you are using) the enemy is now an inflated ball which is held by Klonoa until you decide to get rid of it, there are two ways of getting rid of the inflated foes you can either throw them by pressing the attack button or you can use them to perform a double jump (Press jump button twice).
Thrown enemies can be used to break objects or kill other foes, most of the games puzzles revolve around inflating enemies so make sure there are enemies to inflate when you are blocked by an obstacle such as a pitfall.

The enemies in this game vary you have enemies known as moo's theses are the games main enemy so I will focus on them, moo's vary in size, shape and ability, you have the normal weak moo's, you have the flying moo's, you have moo's that use weapons, there are also giant and armoured moo's as well.
Klonoa also has the ability to create a gust of wind that blows the enemies the other way, you don't really need this ability but it is good if you are trapped.
Another thing that Klonoa can do is a small hover move that keeps you in the air for a few extra seconds, to do this to press the jump button after jumping, it's a very useful move.

In Klonoa you have a health bar goes down as you take damage, to regain health you need to find these heart shaped metal objects, they come in two colours sliver (One heart) and Gold (Three hearts).
Like most platformers there are collectables to be found in the stages, in Klonoa you have dream crystals these can be found scattered all over the stages, these are like the coins in Mario get 100 of them and you gain an extra life. The games 1up's are in the form of Sliver and Gold coins, sliver coins give you one life and gold coins give you three. Other things to be found in Klonoa include Keys, in certain levels keys are needed to unlock doors. Mirror fairy's, these things are found in bubbles they double the amount of crystals gained making it easier to gain a one up. There is also the Memory clock this is the games checkpoint, find these and attack them so you can start off from that point when you die. The last thing to be found are captured villagers, these are the people who live in Phantomile there are six of them in each stage.

In the game you get to visit different areas each area is dived into two stages or visions as the game calls them, these to are presented in a Mario style, for example the first stage is called Vision 1-1.
You choose what vision you want to do by selecting it on the map.
Each vision is in two parts, vision 2 always has a boss at the end.
There are only two problems with Klonoa that I would like to point out, the first one is the length it isn't a very long game but you do unlock new modes after you complete the game so I suppose there is some replay value.
The other problem is the difficulty, the game is fairly easy.
These problems aside though, Klonoa is a charming yet short adventure.

Graphics and Sound
The graphi's colourful and it looks really clear, Namco have always been a pretty good company when it comes to colourful graphics.
The games music is good and it fits the stages perfectly, the game has two languages for the voice acting there is the Phantomile language (The language that has been used in the past Klonoa titles) and there is the new English voice acting. Given the choice I'd recommend the Phantomile language. The English isn't terrible but it is a bit on and off, some characters are alright while others just sound terrible.

This is a great platforming title for the wii, full of charm though if you want an even bigger, better adventure, get Klonoa 2 on PS2.

+ Same Klonoa gameplay
+ Great graphics
+ Makes good use of all four controller options
+ Full of charm
+ Class example of how a remake should be done.

- Bit short
- Too easy
- English voice acting is bit rubbish.


NOTE: People have told me that this is one of my better reviews, but it still has it flaws.

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